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FAQs for StudyHut

What is StudyHut?

StudyHut is a maths and English website that aggregates and sign posts useful, moderated content. The purpose of the site is to make it as easy as possible for both tutors and learners to both self-serve and direct others to useful resources which support both GCSE and Functional Skills maths and English.

Who is StudyHut aimed at?

StudyHut is aimed at both students and tutors:

The site is useful in particular for students re-taking their exams or who are struggling with achieving a level C (or equivalent) GCSE in maths and/or English.

Tutors who are teaching maths and English will benefit from the site, especially if they are teaching GCSE or FS to those that have failed their English and/or maths the first time around. In particular, those that are looking for ways to engage their learners with different types of learning materials

How much does it cost to sign up?

It’s free to sign up and use the site. The site links to a number of resources – the majority of which are free but some charge. When you link to these sites you can find out more about how much they charge.

How much do the resources cost?

Approximately 80% of the resources that we link to are free, while the others are charged for. We filter the resources by paid and free but to find out exactly how much the resources cost you’ll need to visit the sites that we link to.

I’m a tutor; how do I share a resource with students?

Each resource has a ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the card. Use the button to share the resource with any students. If you want to ask specific students as a group you can also share the resource with all by uploading a CSV file via the site.

I’m a tutor; how do I invite students to join my study group?

Under your profile there is an option to invite students. Input their email address and send them an invite.

I’m a student; how do I invite my colleagues to join Studyhut?

Under your profile there is an option to invite a friend. Input their email address and send them an invite.

What is a confidence survey?

There are two confidence surveys available on the site. One is for English and one for maths. As a learner, once you choose if you are interested in maths and/or English, you will be asked to complete a simple confidence survey to test your confidence with the relevant topics (you simply choose the emoji face that best suits how you feel about it). Based on those results, you will be recommended resources for your level in the ‘Recommended’ tab. You can choose to share the confidence survey results with your tutor or not. You can also update your confidence test at any time.

As a tutor, the confidence survey gives you an idea about your students’ confidence level in your study group. If you save the results and then ask the students to take the confidence test again after they have used a resource you can then see the distance travelled.